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“Converting our airport shuttle fleet to run on propane autogas is the most recent step in our environmental sustainability efforts. ROUSH CleanTech’s highly respected reputation, expertise and performance are why we chose to partner with them.” — Ron Bast, president, GO Riteway, provider of Wisconsin airport ground transportation.

Propane Autogas Is Taking Off Near You

Airports across the country are steadily becoming more eco-conscious about their impact on the environment. Airport-wide initiatives urge every sector to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For airport shuttle companies, this means switching to clean-burning fuels like propane autogas to reduce emissions and meet air quality standards.
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To meet tightened environmental standards, airport shuttle companies are switching their fleet to ROUSH CleanTech’s liquid propane autogas powered Ford trucks and vans. Propane autogas’ proven track record in reliability, safety and environmental benefits makes it a great solution to your landside vehicle needs. The environmental benefits include emissions reductions of up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide, 24 percent less greenhouse gases, and fewer particulates when compared to gasoline.

Fueling with propane autogas, which is an extremely portable fuel, is easy and convenient. Onsite fueling stations can be installed for little to no cost. And with thousands of propane autogas fueling stations across the United States, the fuel is readily available. (Read more about Propane Distribution here.)



  • Up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide
  • Up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide
  • 17-24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fewer particulate emissions
  • EPA- and CARB-certified


  • No loss in engine performance
  • Little to no additional weight to the vehicle
  • Comparable driving range between fill-ups
  • Maintained vehicle warranty
  • No additional scheduled services
  • Lower fuel costs by up to 40 percent
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs


Explore our recommended ROUSH CleanTech vehicles and conversion systems for your airport shuttle requirements.

Incentives & Funding

To find out about federal or state tax incentives, check out Incentives for credits and programs available to save you money when considering the switch to propane autogas.

Voluntary Airport Low Emissions (VALE) funding is also available for qualified airports. For more information on the VALE funding, click here.


Many customers have already adapted the ROUSH CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel system into their fleet. Read about some of their experiences.

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ROUSH CleanTech currently supports the following airport coalitions:

Airport & Ground Transportation Associtaion (AGTA)


American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

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