“We are excited about deploying this new alternative fuel product in our fleet. We expect it to lead to significant cost savings in both fuel usage and maintenance intervals.” — Tom Armstrong, director of fleet, ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

“I put in a lot of time and thought evaluating other alternative fuels. Propane autogas stood out as a responsible fuel, sourced in America – specifically in Texas – that could take my company to the next level of protecting our environment while securing our bottom line.” — Gary Kulp, president, Austin Gutter King.

Contractors Take Bold Steps to Leave a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Competition among contractors is leading many customers to choose service providers that not only offer the best price, but one that protects our planet’s natural resources along the way. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are becoming the mantra of contractors everywhere, and ROUSH CleanTech is answering this call with a lineup of propane autogas powered Ford trucks and vans that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating costs.

Austin Gutter King Alt Fuel VehicleAt Austin Gutter King, clean reigns supreme. President Gary Kulp has taken many steps to reduce his company’s carbon footprint by using wind to power their shop, rainwater to wash fleet vehicles and an extensive recycling program. The next logical step, according to Kulp, was to power their fleet of service vehicles with green alternatives. By adding three propane autogas powered Ford F-150 pickups and one fully customized Ford E-350 cutaway van, the company has reduced carbon emissions by nearly 98,000 pounds per vehicle over the 200,000-mile life of each truck and van.

To strengthen its sustainability efforts, reduce transportation costs, and cut pollution, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, the world’s premier manufacturer, installer, and service provider of vertical and horizontal transportation technology, is also using ROUSH CleanTech autogas propane vehicles in various markets across the nation. The company, which runs a fleet of 3,300 vehicles in North America, has the potential to remove nearly 323 million pounds of carbon emissions each year by switching their entire fleet to propane autogas.

On the financial side, estimates show that by using propane autogas, a company can significantly reduce maintenance costs through less frequent oil changes. The life of each engine can also increase compared to the same gasoline-fueled fleet vehicle. To estimate a fleet’s cost and emissions savings with propane autogas, visit ROUSH CleanTech’s online Savings Calculator.



  • Up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide.
  • Up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide.
  • 17-24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fewer particulate emissions.
  • EPA- and CARB-certified.


  • No loss in engine performance.
  • Little to no additional weight to the vehicle.
  • Comparable driving range between fill-ups.
  • Maintained vehicle warranty.
  • No additional scheduled services.
  • Lower fuel costs by up to 40 percent.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs.


Explore our recommended ROUSH CleanTech vehicles and conversion systems for your contractor requirements.


To find out about federal or state tax incentives, check out Incentives for credits and programs available to save you money when considering the switch to propane autogas.


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