This is your resource for the most current and up-to-date versions of the ROUSH CleanTech service manuals, installation instructions, and owner’s manuals. For specific questions, please contact ROUSH CleanTech at 800.59.ROUSH

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Special Service Tools, Service Training Overview, Maintenance Procedure Videos
updated 4.16.2015


Warranty & Service Labor Times, Recommended Service Parts, Warranty System Registration
updated 4.1.2015

Blue Bird Service & Warranty

Service & Warranty Program Manual, Training Presentation, Warranty Service & Labor Times, Recommended Service Parts
updated 8.4.2015

Installation Instructions

Gen 2 and Gen 3 Install Instructions
updated 10.27.2015

Service Manuals

Fuel Tank Purge & Fill Procedures, Product Lineup Service Manuals
updated 8.11.2015

Diagnostic Manuals

updated 4.1.2015

Body Builder Guides

Incomplete Vehicle & Body Builder's Manual
updated 4.1.2015