Neosho New Propane School Buses

Six propane buses arrived in Neosho today. School district officials say they were researching ways to cut the fuel costs on their diesel buses and decided to get 18 propane buses. The district got the fleet through a three-year lease purchase. The assistant superintendent estimates the district will save $2,500 to $5,000 per bus a year with the new propane vehicles... (

St. Paul Schools Get 66 Propane-Powered Buses

While the start of the school year is still more than a month away, St. Paul Public Schools is getting some upgraded buses. A $4 million contract with Student Transportation of America, Inc. will bring 66 new propane-powered buses to the school district. The buses are expected to arrive in St. Paul on Wednesday. Company officials say the buses are quieter and will emit 60 percent less carbon monoxide than a typical school bus.... (KSTP TV5)

Cleveland School District Adds Propane Buses

The Cleveland School District just replaced its entire fleet of buses, but a good number of them are very different from what people are used to. A test program will compare diesel buses to propane buses for savings. In the past, you could tell a school bus had just gone by because of the smell and noise, but not anymore. Out of Cleveland's new 225 buses, 49 are propane.... (19 Action News)

Student Transportation Inc. Brings New Propane Fleet to St. Paul Public Schools

Student Transportation Inc. ("STI"), North America's third largest provider of school bus transportation services, today announced that its subsidiary, Student Transportation of America, Inc. (STA), has been awarded a new five-year contract with St. Paul Public Schools in Minnesota and is currently hiring drivers for open positions. The $4 million annual contract, to begin next month, will feature 65 new, propane-powered vehicles and a refurbished facility located in St. Paul.... (Market Watch)

Mammoth Cave National Park Steps Up Use of Propane Power

With the donation of propane-powered off-road and stationary equipment from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), Mammoth Cave National Park has taken important steps to reduce energy concumption at the park and to serve as a model for other national parks across the country. PERC's donation of propane-powered equipment totals more than $62,000 and includes three John Deere zero-turn mowers, two Generac portable generators, and a CleanFuel USA propane dispenser featuring eConnect, a fuel network management system for electronic dispensers.... (Today's Energy Solutions)

Livonia Firm Turns Autos on to Propane

What's the most commonly used fuel source for cars and trucks around the world? if you guessed gasoline, you are correct. And in second place...yes, diesel. But can you guess what is the third-most used fuel? Not ethanol. Not hybrids. Not electricity. No. 3 is propane. which propels 23 million vehicles worldwide, though only some 250,000 in the United States. But that last figure is growing, thanks in large part to Livonia-based Roush CleanTech.... (Detroit News)

Blue Bird Propane Autogas School Bus Popularity Increases Throughout Wisconsin

Following the trend throughout North America propane autogas school bus popularity is rapidly growing in the state of Wisconsin. Successful Wisconsin-based contractors Lamers Bus Lines and Badger Bus are increasing their alternative fuel bus fleet while decreasing the fleets' carbon footprint. Lamers Bus Lines has been providing bus transportation since 1944 and serves over 25 school districts and 60,000 students across the state.... (Digital Journal)

Propane Powered Buses for Toppenish Students

Propane powered buses are set to start running this fall for the school district. Yakima Valley diesel prices are beginning to rise above four dollars a gallon. The Toppenish School District is planning to pay about half that with their new propane powered buses. "After a government rebate our net costs of our propane is about a dollar-forty," says Blaine Thorington, Toppenish District Transportation Director.... (KAPP TV)

Thyssenkrupp on MotorWeek

More Americans than ever are driving hybrid, electric, and alternative-fuel vehicles, and it's reducing our use of imported petroleum. But now a number of big commercial fleets are also getting into the act; quietly leading the drive for green on a grand scale. With millions of vehicles hitting the streets everyday - making routine deliveries, service calls, and business trips - America's large fleet operators are in a prime position to lead by example and effect a clean change in our energy choices.... (MotorWeek)

Ga. County Saved $563K in Fuel Costs With Propane Autogas

DeKalb County, Ga., has saved $563,000 over the past six years by using propane autogas for 75 Ford F-Series trucks and some off-road equipment. The county integrated bi-fuel gasoline and propane autogas sedans and pickup trucks into its fleet in the 1990s in an effort to cut fuel costs, according to ROUSH CleanTech. The county achieved the fuel costs reduction since 2009.... (Government Fleet)