At ROUSH CleanTech, part of our commitment to the propane autogas movement is our partnerships with credible institutes to educate and promote the industry. From people who help find grant funding to industry leaders and fuel suppliers, we interact daily with these key partners, who can provide you with invaluable resources as you look for an alternative fuel solution that works best for you. Check out our partners’ websites to find additional tools and information on why you should consider converting your fleet to propane autogas.

Autogas for America

Autogas For America

As a united voice of the U.S. autogas industry, Autogas for America is driving immediate change in the fuel choice of America’s public and private vehicle fleets – transitioning from gasoline to clean, economical, domestically produced autogas.

Comprised of autogas experts, transportation industry specialists and environmental advocates, this non-partisan, non-profit organization leverages industry cooperation to widen recognition of autogas among the U.S. public, media and government. Autogas for America fosters a sustainable autogas market by centralizing the national autogas conversation without bias toward specific equipment, fuel or solution providers. Autogas for America is helping to eliminate thousands of tons of harmful emissions and reduce America’s dependence on imported petroleum. For more information, visit