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We Take Safety Seriously

There is a common misperception about alternative fueled vehicles: they don’t perform as well and aren’t as safe to use as conventional fuels, like gasoline and diesel. This statement couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to our propane autogas fuel technology, we take safety with unparalleled performance seriously.

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Q&A with ROUSH CleanTech on Propane School Buses

Last month while at the School Transportation News EXPO in Reno, Nev., I learned about the new 98-gallon propane tank we will be seeing on some of Blue Bird’s school buses. The information on propane tanks for this post was passed along from Erik Rickenbach at Rescue Techs after his recent Q&A with ROUSH engineers. There is a lot to learn in the following…. (School Transportation News)

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New Propane School Buses, Drivers in Dallas

Recently-hired drivers tested out new propane school buses before the start of the new school year at Dallas School District. G. David Incorporated purchased 22 new buses after it received the contract to bus students in Luzerne County’s Back Mountain… (16 WNEP)

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Everyone Likes a Comeback Story

The headlines about Detroit’s bankruptcy hit close to home. And, although the city may be plagued by the bad news, it’s not alone in the struggle with budget shortfalls and layoffs.

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School Buses Go Green, With Eco-Friendly Propane Fuel

As schoolchildren around the nation head back to the bus stop in the coming weeks, a number of them may notice a change in their school buses. A growing number of school districts across the USA are shifting parts of their fleets from diesel fuel to propane to stretch strained budgets and promote cleaner air, according to officials from school districts and from private companies that operate school fleets… (USA Today)

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The Importance of Productivity

A recent GE Capital Fleet Services survey states that the top concern of fleet managers is maximizing productivity. Saving money and understanding new technology ranked high, too, but productivity was the primary concern, according to the survey.Reducing ownership costs, minimizing downtime, controlling fuel costs, lowering emissions, safety concerns — today’s fleet management work is challenging.

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Alpha Baking’s Green Fleet

Carl Lisek of South Shore Clean Cities talks with Bob McGuire, Vice President and Director of Logistics, and Tim Lotesto, Director of Marketing, both with Alpha Baking, about the organization’s commitment to green transportation technology… (Lake Shore Public Media)

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