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Mass Transportation Authority Calls Propane ‘A Real Winner’ for Powering Vehicles

An automotive blog is talking about the Mass Transportation Authority’s use of propane to power vehicles and the big cost savings that have come with fueling them. John McElroy, host of the TV program, “Autoline Detroit,” said in a column on autoblog.com that commercial truck and bus fleet operators are “becoming keenly interested in running their vehicles on liquid propane” — partly because of savings like those seen by the MTA… (MLive)

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Growth Matches Demand

In 2013, we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicles on the road. Our most important mission is to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry, as we know vehicle downtime is a critical measurement for success — or failure — of a program.

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Propane Provides Stunning Fuel Savings

Commercial truck and bus fleets in the United States are becoming keenly interested in running their vehicles on liquid propane (LPG), as this column reported back in March. That’s because propane prices are substantially below those for gasoline or diesel, or even for compressed natural gas (CNG). Moreover, LPG provides substantial savings in maintenance costs and up to a 50-percent reduction in CO2 emissions… (Auto Blog)

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Increase Your Autogas Sales

Your goal is to sell more fuel. The on-road vehicle market has plenty of long-term growth opportunities to help you do just that. Did you know that fueling just one school bus equates to an average propane load for five residential homes per year combined?… (LP Gas)

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Thanksgiving, Football and Leadership

As we approach Thanksgiving, many of us will gather around the table — and the TV — to enjoy traditions of family and football.Football, like many sports, is simply the end product of collective teamwork and leadership.Teamwork and leadership happens throughout every aspect of life. It happens here at ROUSH CleanTech every day in every department. It happens in our homes, churches and communities.

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The Power of Public & Private Partnerships

Last week, many Americans across the country headed to the polls. It may not have been the presidential election, but still important. Each citizen cast their vote to make an impact for something they believe in. For Mike Hogan, president of Knight’s Airport Limousine, he fought for something he believed in, and his one voice helped change Massachusetts’ state regulation.

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New Haven Adds Propane-Powered Buses to its Fleet

Later this week, when a good chunk of New Haven Community’s School’s 1,370 students climb aboard two new school buses, they’ll likely be too preoccupied with kid stuff to notice the new rides. But the men and women who drive the newest additions to New Haven’s fleet, as well as the residents on whose streets they travel, most likely will… (The Macomb Daily)

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Fleet of Propane Autogas Unveiled at Shrewsbury Event

October 24, 2013 — Knight’s Airport Limousine Service, Inc., unveiled its newest fleet vehicles powered by low-cost, clean propane autogas at the “Propane Autogas: Driving Knight’s Limo to a Greener Ride” event. The eight alternative fueled vehicles will service Logan International, T.F. Green and all New England and New York airports, as well as provide ground transportation for private events.

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