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FedEx Ground Joins Move Toward Propane

Federal Express (Memphis, Tenn.), known for offering overnight package and mail delivery across the U.S. and worldwide, has among its divisions FedEx Ground, which focuses on shorter-distance small package deliveries that trucks and vans handle exclusively…. (BP News)

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GO Airport Express

GO Airport Express has been experiencing cost savings while reducing their carbon footprint with propane autogas.

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Mesa School Transportation Chief Latko to Retire

The Mesa Public Schools Transportation Department has won six sustainability awards under the leadership of director Ron Latko. In his eight years with the district, Latko has saved the district millions by replacing outdated diesel-fueled school buses with propane-powered buses…. (AZ Central)

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State Goes Green One Bus at a Time

Despite the lack of personal vehicle emissions testing in the state since 2000, some progress is being made to improve the quality of air and lower particulate matter from diesel exhaust fumes in trucks, buses and heavy duty vehicles. Inhalation exposure from diesel exhaust causes acute and chronic health effects and is a known carcinogen that may contribute to cancer, especially lung cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency….. (Sun Sentinel)

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Propane Vehicle Rebate – Minnesota

Minnesota Propane Association offers rebates of up to $1,500 to customers for the purchase of a new propane vehicle or the conversion of an existing vehicle to propane.


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Switching to Propane Pays Off for Mich. Fleet

Looking for ways to alleviate budget issues, a mayor’s community outreach initiative led to two Michigan neighbors — the City of Livonia and propane fuel supplier, ROUSH CleanTech, to form a beneficial partnership.“Once a month, our mayor and his staff try to meet with different companies as a way to get to know the businesses in our community,” explains Don Rohraff, superintendent, public utilities. “After meeting with ROUSH and hearing a presentation with all of this eye-opening information about using propane autogas, he followed up with to say we should look into alternative fuels.”…. (Metro Magazine)

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Customer Service is Key

Last month, the Propane Engine Fuel Summit brought together many leaders in the propane industry. A recurring theme throughout the summit was the importance of customer service. In addition to providing customer service through quality, cutting-edge propane autogas technology, we must offer support to our customers once vehicles have been purchased.

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Failure is Part of the Path to Success

I like to think of each New Year as a brand new opportunity for success, both personally and professionally.After all, why are resolutions made if not to grow and achieve? No one sets a resolution with the intent to fail. But failure is sometimes part of the path to success.As Henry Ford put it, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.

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