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Local Green Trailblazers

Society Scene asked local trailblazers to share an important topic in the green movement and how they’re addressing it in the community. As landscape architects we are constantly focused on promoting intelligently designed outdoor spaces. People are attracted to and use spaces that are well designed….. (Sun Sentinel)

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Propane Fleets Sustain Energy, Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is a hot-button issue when it comes to green initiatives, and some bakeries, such as Alpha Baking, Chicago, are turning toward alternative fuels for both sustainability and efficiency. In April 2013, the bakery launched a fleet of 22 step vans that run on liquid propane…. (Baking & Snack)

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Propane Autogas School Buses Make the Grade

The mass adoption of alternatively fueled school buses is sweeping the nation. Every day, hundreds of thousands of students are transported to school in buses operating on propane autogas. Last year 10 percent of Type C buses sold in the U.S. ran on autogas.

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