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Our Doors are Open

Each year at ROUSH CleanTech, dozens of groups tour our facilities. We believe in showing our customer and partners what we do firsthand. During our facility tour, guests are shown how our propane autogas fuel systems are built. From our “clean room” with climate control for consistent results to our bar code label system to track each and every part, you’ll witness the meticulous attention given to each and every fuel system.

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Clean Cities: Vero Beach, Florida

Our success story this week takes us to Vero Beach, Florida. In 2009, the Indian River school district became the first in the state to adopt propane powered school buses. Today, nearly a quarter of their fleet runs on alternative fuel, with numerous benefits including lower noise and maintenance costs compared to diesel, fuel cost savings of nearly 2 dollars per gallon, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions…. (Motor Week)

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County Fleet in Washington State Relies on Cost-Saving Propane

The King County Department of transportation (KCDOT) in Washington saves more than 50 percent per year on fuel costs for its propane fleet vehicles. They currently run 20 Ford E-series vans and F-series trucks, each equipped with a ROUSH CleanTech dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel system. With these 20 vehicles, 120,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted into the air each year, and KCDOT uses 15,300 fewer gallons of gasoline…. (American City & County)

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Halco Energy Deploys Propane Trucks

Halco Energy is deploying 25 vehicles powered by propane autogas in their service and installation fleet. The company provides residential and commercial renewable energy solutions including high-efficiency heating and cooling systems; home energy audits; and envelope improvements including insulation, air-sealing, and clean renewable energy systems…. (Domestic Fuel)

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Propane Battles Natural Gas for Share of U.S. Transport Market

Last November, Nicholas Jackson, the transport chief responsible for Cleveland’s school buses, found himself in the middle of a battle for business in the niche world of alternative fuels. Tasked with replacing an aging fleet of diesel-powered buses and saving money, he had to choose the best fuel option for his fleet…. (Reuters)

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The Fight for Alternative Fuel Tax Credits

People across America breathe easier every day thanks to companies that are taking environmental responsibility and reducing CO2 emissions with alternative fuels.But without tax breaks, many of these companies wouldn’t have had the extra “push” to support alternative fuels to begin with. The alternative fuel excise tax credit expired on December 31, 2013. It provided companies and individuals running alternative fuels in their motor vehicles with a 50-cent per gallon tax credit.

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