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Blue Bird Propane Autogas School Bus Popularity Increases Throughout Wisconsin

Following the trend throughout North America propane autogas school bus popularity is rapidly growing in the state of Wisconsin. Successful Wisconsin-based contractors Lamers Bus Lines and Badger Bus are increasing their alternative fuel bus fleet while decreasing the fleets’ carbon footprint. Lamers Bus Lines has been providing bus transportation since 1944 and serves over 25 school districts and 60,000 students across the state…. (Digital Journal)

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Flocking to the Front

Have you ever seen a flock of geese migrating with one goose in the lead and the others trailing behind in a perfect V formation? This is an example of how environment supports the belief that leadership is being in control of the direction.However, dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that the leading goose is doing even more. It is actually giving the trailing birds an aerodynamic advantage to make their flight a little easier. The leader is working harder than the others to benefit the total flock.

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Propane Powered Buses for Toppenish Students

Propane powered buses are set to start running this fall for the school district. Yakima Valley diesel prices are beginning to rise above four dollars a gallon. The Toppenish School District is planning to pay about half that with their new propane powered buses. “After a government rebate our net costs of our propane is about a dollar-forty,” says Blaine Thorington, Toppenish District Transportation Director…. (KAPP TV)

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Thyssenkrupp on MotorWeek

More Americans than ever are driving hybrid, electric, and alternative-fuel vehicles, and it’s reducing our use of imported petroleum. But now a number of big commercial fleets are also getting into the act; quietly leading the drive for green on a grand scale. With millions of vehicles hitting the streets everyday – making routine deliveries, service calls, and business trips – America’s large fleet operators are in a prime position to lead by example and effect a clean change in our energy choices…. (MotorWeek)

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Ga. County Saved $563K in Fuel Costs With Propane Autogas

DeKalb County, Ga., has saved $563,000 over the past six years by using propane autogas for 75 Ford F-Series trucks and some off-road equipment. The county integrated bi-fuel gasoline and propane autogas sedans and pickup trucks into its fleet in the 1990s in an effort to cut fuel costs, according to ROUSH CleanTech. The county achieved the fuel costs reduction since 2009…. (Government Fleet)

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Propane Autogas: A Solution to the Rising Cost of Diesel

For many years the perception was that a diesel engine would last longer and was less expensive to operate than their gasoline counterparts. That has changed drastically over the past 10 years as emissions standards become tighter for diesel engines. Leaders, such as Ford, continue to innovate and build better gasoline engines that are prepped for propane and natural gas.

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Premier Ford F-550 Fueled by Propane Autogas Services Streets of Santa Ana

June 3, 2014 — The City of Santa Ana has purchased seven vehicles fueled by propane autogas as part of its ongoing green initiatives effort to enhance its commitment to conservation and the environment. The new ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-550 trucks, customized for residential maintenance purposes, will reduce carbon emissions, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and decrease reliance on imported oil.

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Why Airport Shuttle Companies Switch to Propane Autogas

Airport shuttle companies across the country are finding value in switching to propane autogas for their fleet. Even with a multitude of alternative fuels to choose from, Ace Parking, SuperShuttle and GO Airport Express say clean and cheap propane autogas is an obvious choice. Ace Parking operates four propane autogas shuttles around the clock at San Diego International Airport…. (Clean Energy Coalition)

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