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Neosho New Propane School Buses

Six propane buses arrived in Neosho today. School district officials say they were researching ways to cut the fuel costs on their diesel buses and decided to get 18 propane buses. The district got the fleet through a three-year lease purchase. The assistant superintendent estimates the district will save $2,500 to $5,000 per bus a year with the new propane vehicles… (FourStatesHomepage.com)

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St. Paul Schools Get 66 Propane-Powered Buses

While the start of the school year is still more than a month away, St. Paul Public Schools is getting some upgraded buses. A $4 million contract with Student Transportation of America, Inc. will bring 66 new propane-powered buses to the school district. The buses are expected to arrive in St. Paul on Wednesday. Company officials say the buses are quieter and will emit 60 percent less carbon monoxide than a typical school bus…. (KSTP TV5)

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Cleveland School District Adds Propane Buses

The Cleveland School District just replaced its entire fleet of buses, but a good number of them are very different from what people are used to. A test program will compare diesel buses to propane buses for savings. In the past, you could tell a school bus had just gone by because of the smell and noise, but not anymore. Out of Cleveland’s new 225 buses, 49 are propane…. (19 Action News)

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Florida School District Goes Green, Saves Green with Propane Autogas

Indian River County School District, headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla., is made up of 27 surrounding schools. The school district was the first in Florida to adopt new liquid injection propane autogas technology, and currently operates 26 propane-autogas-powered buses and 85 diesel buses. The fleet transports approximately 9,550 students twice each day and services routes throughout the county.

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Five Tips to Think About This Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us. And ROUSH CleanTech’s Field Service Team wants to provide you some tips for operating your propane autogas vehicle in the hotter temperatures. During the summer months or in warm weather climates, propane autogas vehicles typically exhibit higher tank temperatures. This, in turn, increases the pressures inside the tank. Autogas vehicles build pressure in the tank while the vehicles are in use due to hot fuel returning from the engine.

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Increase Value Year After Year

Someone once said to me, “People grow old. Companies don’t have to.”As we individuals grow older, we tend to become more studied. Our experiences define a wise posture that we carry around, and our companies benefit. That perspective allows us to make decisions that keep our companies fresh, relevant, profitable and more interesting.

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