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Propane Autogas: Let’s Share the Message

What if we all said the same things about propane autogas to customers and prospects, and within our dealerships and shops? Fleet owners and operators would learn the same message about the fuel from all of us, delivered accurately and consistently.

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Training Technicians on Alt-Fuel Technology

As more and more alternative fuel fleets enter onto our nation’s roadways, so, too, does the demand for vehicle maintenance technicians who are trained to service these vehicles. Which takes me to a topic that I will speak about on a panel entitled ‘Why Workforce Development is Key to Success’ at the NTEA Work Truck Show on March 3.

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Neosho Schools Review Savings from Propane Buses

One of the many challenges a school bus driver faces is hearing students in the back of the bus. Now that Neosho schools have switched to propane buses, that’s no longer a problem. “With the propane bus, there is very little sound when you start them. Unless you’re used to them, a lot of times you’ll think you need to restart them again.”… (KOLR10 News)

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Five Fuel Factors

There is a lot of information to weed through when researching alternative transportation fuels. Nothing moves without fuel, but which one is right for your fleet? Here are five factors to consider.

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