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How Propane Autogas is Panning Out for a NY School District

When it comes to transportation costs, school districts throughout New York State are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency. At Washingontonville Central School District, located in Washingtonville, NY, we found that changing our bus fuel has improved finances and positioned us as a leader in environmental initiatives and a model for the community… (NGT News)

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Propane Industry’s Largest Expo Showcases Innovation

Propane technology is innovative. Propane is abundant and accessible. Propane is cost-effective. These are just a few of the prevalent points made by industry leaders at the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo— the nation’s largest show in the propane industry show.

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Books or Buses? I Choose Both

I’ve got two boys in public school. Their education is vital to me. There’s no question that the buses they ride to school in are important, too. But, with the harsh reality of cutbacks nationwide, many schools are facing the choice between buying buses or investing in staff, facilities, or even books. This year alone, 68 percent of the nation’s school districts plan to purchase new school buses. That’s a decision few schools can put off.

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