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ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel Transfer System

ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel Transfer System

ROUSH CleanTech offers a transfer kit that contains a hose with the quick-connect ends for the tank supply valve, and a threaded end and adapter for the bus’s fill valve. It also contains a wiring harness and box with a switch that plugs into and turns on the tank supply valve and in-tank pumps for service. It uses the in-tank fuel pumps from one vehicle’s tank to transfer fuel into another vehicle’s fuel tank.

This kit is available to order directly from ROUSH CleanTech, either as a service tool for your dealership or as an item you can sell (or give away to) customers. If you have a dealer interested in moving forward, please have them call 800-59-ROUSH and dial 2 for ROUSH CleanTech, then 2 for technical service, and our field service team should be able to help them out.

The details and an image of the system are below:

Part Number:    S-TRANSFERKIT-AA

Retail Price:       $1,795

Fuel Transfer kit

Tax Credits Reduce Your Propane Fuel Price

It’s tax time, which makes many grimace. But not if you’re operating propane autogas-fueled vehicles. Earlier this year, alternative fuel infrastructure and excise tax credits were extended from January 1, 2015 through December 2016.

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Arizona School District Running 85% Propane Autogas Buses

The Kyrene School District, which serves a portion of Phoenix, now runs 85% of its school bus fleet on propane autogas. The school district started with propane autogas in 2014 when it purchased 25 Blue Bird Vision propane-powered buses, and this school year, the Kyrene School District added 73 more.

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I.G. Burton Leads All Dealers in New Propane Bus Customers

I.G. Burton is leading all Blue Bird dealers in the number of new propane customers so far this year. To date, they have sold 50 buses to 14 new customers. This is a major shift in momentum for the dealer covering Delaware and Maryland, where from 2012 to 2015 only 6 customers had purchased a total of 15 propane buses.

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Advanced Propane Bus Service Training Coming to Oregon

Our Advanced Propane Bus Training team is traveling to the West Coast in May. Be sure to take advantage of the free training, which includes one day for dealer technicians, and one day for customer technicians. These jam-packed informational sessions will teach you the ins and outs of the propane-powered Vision.

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Clean Cities: Broward County

Our success story this week takes us to sunny south Florida, where propane powered buses are a hit with passengers. In service for more than a year, there are currently 138 propane buses in the Broward County paratransit fleet.

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