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Four Steps to Prepare for Volkswagen EMT Funding

The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust settlement continues to move forward. Most recently, an agreement was filed with the courts, which is a good indication that we are coming closer to a trustee effective date. Once the trustee date is established, then a beneficiary for each state will be named, and mitigation plans can be developed for how the funding will be allocated and dispersed.

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Iowa School Districts Switching to Propane-Powered Buses

More school districts in Iowa are using propane to power their buses, which district officials say saves money and reduces emissions.  Six of the nine route buses for the Manson Northwest Webster School District are propane-powered, The Messenger reported . The district has been adding propane-powered buses over the past seven years.

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Say No to NOx

While many environmental concerns may feel too big to tackle, the issue of nitrogen oxides — and the threat they pose to clean air and water — is one problem every fleet owner can help alleviate.

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