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The Total Cost of Ownership for Propane Autogas School Buses

School transportation departments across the nation must work within tight budgets and evaluate bus choices based on total ownership costs. Testimonials from school district transportation managers demonstrate the fuel and maintenance savings from propane autogas-fueled buses.

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Louisiana School District Uses VW Funds for Propane Autogas

The Lafayette Parish School System in Louisiana is using Volkswagen settlement fund dollars to purchase propane autogas-powered buses. According to school bus company Blue Bird, Louisiana’s $18 million is dedicated to the replacement of older diesel school buses over the next three years. Their school districts are given the option to replace these buses by using the funds to cover 25% of the purchase cost of new diesel buses or 50% of the purchase cost of new propane autogas buses.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cut Costs with Propane Autogas Vehicles

One way for airports to reduce ground-based greenhouse gas emissions is by transitioning its airport-owned vehicles away from convention fuels to alternative fuels. But, the alternative fuels terrain can be tough to navigate for what works best for airport-based shuttle services. With the various fuel and technology options available in today’s commercial vehicle market, how do you make the right choice for your airport?

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