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Jack Roush Inducted into NASCAR Hall of Fame

As you may have seen, on February 1, Jack Roush was inducted into the 2019 NASCAR Hall of Fame. In addition to having the winningest race team of all time, Jack is also a hard-working, dedicated, innovative engineer who is always curious — still at 76 years old. And, this “never give up” attitude led to his company, Roush Enterprises, that includes many divisions, such as ROUSH CleanTech.

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Jack Roush Paved Way to NASCAR Hall of Fame, One Greasy Hand at a Time

If there has been a secret to Roush’s success — from working at Ford’s assembly plants in Dearborn and Wayne to winning five NASCAR owner championships to building his Livonia-based global business that employs 6,000 people with revenues that approach $500 million — it’s a simple secret. Don’t give up. Just keep going.

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