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VW Settlement Presents Untapped Opportunities

More than a year has passed since Volkswagen (VW) announced its $2.9 billion contribution to an Environmental Mitigation Trust, resulting from its 2016 emissions cheating scandal settlement. Since it was first announced, the contribution has had one sole purpose – to fund transportation projects that significantly decrease nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Each state received millions of dollars, which could be used to finance a variety of fleets, from diesel, to electric, to propane. In fact, propane vehicles have competed from the start for up to $1.3 billion of the Environmental Mitigation Trust investment, according to Gladstein, Neandross & Associates’ Funding 360 team.

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Tech: The Current State of Propane and Electric Vehicles

Propane autogas (the term for propane or liquified petroleum gas when used in vehicle transportation) vehicles have been on the scene for over 100 years. During the past decade, advancements have been made to liquid propane systems. New calibration and catalyst innovations are taking these propane vehicles to near-zero emissions levels, making a strong case for adoption.

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