Austin-Based Company Evaluates Alternative Fuels for its Service Fleet, Chooses Propane Autogas

August 10, 2011 — ROUSH CleanTech welcomes Austin Gutter King to the growing number of businesses making the commitment in 2011 to power up their fleets with a clean alternative to imported fuel. With the purchase of four ROUSH CleanTech Ford vehicles, Austin Gutter King has converted 25 percent of its service fleet to propane autogas. The addition of three Ford F-150 pickups and one fully customized Ford E-350 cutaway van, all fueled by propane autogas, adds corporate sustainability to the company’s portfolio.

“I put a lot of time and thought into evaluating other fuels,” said Gary Kulp, president of Austin Gutter King. “For example, I found that natural gas was difficult to locate and the tanks were too large for it to be efficient for my needs. Propane autogas stood out as a responsible fuel, sourced in America — specifically in Texas — that could take my company to the next level of protecting our environment while securing our bottom line.”

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