BIG Changes 

Jack Roush told me once, “You can’t lead from the middle of the pack.”

Omaha and Millard Public Schools in Nebraska are making changes — BIG changes — by deploying more than 400 clean-burning Blue Bird Propane Powered Vision school buses to help save money and cut emissions.

This is the largest single order of propane autogas school buses in history.

If school districts, or any fleet for that matter, want to drive down energy costs in our country, they must be the change they seek. Or, in Jack’s words, they need to stand in front of the pack by leading. When it comes to fuel, we do have a choice. Our hands are not tied behind our backs.

Running on American-made alternative fuels, such as propane autogas or natural gas, decreases dependence on foreign energy and boosts our nation’s economy. To me, this sounds like a win-win for the school districts and the entire country. 

Other districts have chosen tolead from the font of the pack by setting new standards in clean school transportation. Hall County Schools in Georgia, LA Unified School District in California, Mesa Unified School District in Arizona, Portland Public School District in Oregon and Tippecanoe School District in Indiana are just a few of the many school systems turning to alternative fuels. They have found domestically produced, environmentally friendly propane autogas is safe, reliable and quieter than conventional fuels.

Plus, they’re saving thousands and thousands of green American dollars at the pump.

With budget reductions happening across the country, not only at schools — but across Fortune 500 companies, too — these alternative fuel choices help significantly reduce operating costs.

When Jack told me that quote, he was in the process of showing me that taking a leadership role isn’t complicated. You just need to know what you seek and have the guts to pull ahead to the front of the pack to get it. After all, the benefits (and view) from the front are much crisper and rewarding. Be that leader.