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“Champion of Success”

By March 1, 2010March 11th, 2016Blog, Fuel for Thought

“Champion of Success”

Jack Roush once told me that every success in our company has had one thing in common: It had a champion. Someone who saw it through to the end.

Success is a progression from mindshare to market share.

There is no magic formula.

Magic is in the basics, such as having a customer-driven focus on quality and process, delivering on our promise to one another, delivery consistency, delivering daily activities that are environmentally responsible, staying curious and creating improvements.

Improvements aren’t accidental. They are also not impossible. They are all around us. We get there through conversation, thought, curiosity and common vision for success. When we enable ourselves and those around us, it seems easy. The hard part starts with our collective and common mindshare.

It really is the little things that make a big difference. Each of us can influence the magic with simple adjustments, every day, and become champions of success.