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The Importance of Closing Cases

The Importance of Closing Cases                                 

If we asked you how many warranty claims you currently had open, would you know the answer? It might surprise you.

After a service center receives the parts they need from ROUSH CleanTech, we often have difficulty getting communication back from them to confirm the repair was successful. Of course we are eager to know that the customer has their vehicle back in operation, but we’d also like to pay you for your services.

Once replacement parts are shipped out, a service center has 60 days to provide the following information to close their case and receive a warranty payment from ROUSH CleanTech:

  • Repair completed date: the date the vehicle was returned to the customer.
  • Requested amount: the total dollar amount the service center is seeking for labor and expenses.
  • The final bill: a copy of your repair order or invoice showing the reimbursement amount approved by ROUSH CleanTech.

Most service centers provide this information simply by responding to our support agent’s email with a copy of their repair order attached. If you’re logged in to our warranty website, you can finalize your case there as well. And, we recently introduced a new process that will prompt you to close your case through a brief survey if several days have passed without an update on the repair.

We would like to see all warranty cases resolved and paid in a timely manner. Ultimately, it is the service center’s responsibility to provide us with the information we need to close your case.

If you’d like to review the cases that are currently open for your service center, please follow these steps:

1.Visit to log into your account, or to register for an account if you don’t have one yet.

Closing Cases step 1

2. After logging in, click on the Cases tab at the top of your home screen.

Cases 2

3. Use the drop-down menu to select My Company’s Cases Requiring Action.

case 3

4. Click on the Status column to sort your open cases by current status.

case 4

5. Click on each Case Number to update them accordingly:

  • Input Needed means that a ROUSH CleanTech support agent is waiting on you to respond to a question or provide diagnostic input so that we can ship a replacement part.
  • Resolution Provided means that we have shipped a replacement part and are waiting for you to confirm if the repair was successful.
  • Repair Completed means you have confirmed the repair was successful, but have not yet submitted a repair order or invoice for warranty approval.

If you have any questions about closing an open case, please contact Travis Wolf at