Diagnostic Tool Testing in Progress 

Dear Partners of ROUSH CleanTech,

For the past six months, we have been diligently beta testing our new ROUSH CleanTech diagnostic tool (RDT). The RDT will provide a more comprehensive, interactive software for our installer and service center partners. The following highlights what you can expect from this state-of-the-art system.

For our installers, the RDT will:

  • Capture complete vehicle information records to determine correct calibration and vehicle emissions controls information label certification.
  • Allow full diagnostics of all parameter identifications as well as data logging capabilities, which can be shared with the ROUSH CleanTech hotline.
  • Perform tests on ROUSH CleanTech fuel system components for correct operation and vehicle drivability.

For our service centers, the RDT will:

  • Share vehicle data with the ROUSH CleanTech hotline for diagnostics, including original equipment manufacturer components.
  • Perform vehicle diagnostics, remove and clear diagnostic trouble codes, run Key On Engine Off and Key On Engine Running self tests, and record engine parameters.
  • Update calibrations without removing the powertrain control module or shipping to ROUSH CleanTech, reducing customer downtime from three days to one.

We’re currently reviewing all feedback received during the test period, and making adjustments and improvements accordingly. Once we’ve completed our testing and validation phase, we are planning for an aggressive rollout of the RDT.

Happy Halloween, and thanks for partnering with ROUSH CleanTech.


Tom Hopkins