Ford F-650 Chassis Cab

Looking for the right alternative fuel solution for your 2013 or newer Ford F-650 chassis cab? Choose the ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system and lower your operating costs and emissions without sacrificing performance. You’ll appreciate the zero loss in horsepower, torque and towing capacity while you save significantly on fuel and maintenance costs.

How to Order

Order a New Vehicle

To buy a new Ford F-650 chassis cab fueled by propane autogas and installed by an authorized Ford Ship-Thru facility:

Or, contact one of our authorized installation partners:

  • A-1 Auto Electric
  • Transfer Flow Inc.
  • Green Alternative Systems
  • Knapheide
  • Manning Equipment
  • Rush Truck Dallas

After your dealer places the order with Ford, the vehicle will be built and shipped from the assembly line to one of the authorized ship-thru facilities. It is then placed back in Ford’s transportation system for faster vehicle delivery.


Operating Costs: Reduced

Propane autogas vehicles are known for their extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs compared to gasoline vehicles. Propane’s higher octane rating and lower carbon and oil contamination rate not only helps you to save our ‘green’ environment, but saves you ‘green’ at the bank, too. Check out this Savings Calculator that lets you know how much you could save by switching to propane today.

Emissions: Reduced

As little as one gallon of spilled gasoline can quickly contaminate groundwater above drinking water health advisory levels. Propane, on the other hand, is not a groundwater contaminat. Fueling with nontoxic propane autogas means operating on a safer, cleaner fuel that produces:

  • 20 percent less nitrogen oxide
  • 60 percent less carbon monoxide
  • Up to 24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fewer particulate emissions

Visit the Propane Page for more details on environmental benefits.

Performance: Identical

The Ford F-650 chassis cab equipped with the ROUSH CleanTech propane fuel system provides the same great performance, horsepower, torque and towing capacity as the gasoline powered counterpart. In any altitude or extreme weather condition, you can depend on this fleet vehicle to provide reliability and performance.

Warranty: Identical

ROUSH CleanTech maintains the factory Ford 5-year / 100,000-mile or 4,000 hours limited powertrain warranty on vehicles equipped with the liquid propane autogas system. The ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system is covered by a limited 1-year / 12,000-mile warranty when installed on a truck that is no longer covered by the Ford factory warranty.

Serviceability: Identical

This vehicle can be easily serviced using any standard Ford diagnostic equipment. With a growing network of service centers around the country, and the ability to send technicians out to train mechanics in the service requirements of these vehicles, there is bound to be a service center near you. To find a dealer, visit the Dealer Locator, or call 800.59.ROUSH.

Corporate Benefits

By incorporating propane autogas Ford F-650 chassis cabs into your fleet, you will be helping America achieve energy independence because this alternative fuel source is domestically produced. Converting your fleet to propane autogas will also help your company to turn a greater profit by saving you on the bottom line costs of fuel and maintenance. You will increase customer loyalty because your customers will appreciate you providing them with a more environmentally responsible way to receive your products or services.

System Overview

The components of your new propane autogas tank can be broken down into a few primary assemblies:

Fuel Rail Assembly
  • Fuel Rail
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Injection Pressure / Temperature Sensor
Fuel Line Assembly
  • Fuel Lines
  • Flow Control Solenoid
Fuel Tank Assembly
  • Fuel Tank
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Level Sensor
Recalibration of Ford Powertrain Control System
  • Calibration
  • Wiring Harness

For more information on propane autogas fuel system engineering click here.

Technical Specifications

Model Year: 2013 – NEWER
Engine Size: 6.8L V10
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic
Body Configurations: Chassis Cab
Trim: All applications
GVWR: 33,000 lbs
Chassis Measurements
Length: 233”
Width: 96.7″
Height: 88.3”
Weight: 30,000 lbs (GVWR)
Wheelbase: All wheelbases
Passenger Capacity: 1 or 2

Measurements based on a Super Cab with 138″ CA. Other cab and CA options available.

EPA: Download 2013 Certificate Here
Download 2015 Certificate Here
Download 2016 Certificate Here
Download 2017 Certificate Here
Download 2018 Certificate Here
Download 2019 Certificate Here – Low NOx
Download 2019 Certificate Here – Ultra Low NOx
CARB*: 7.3L V8
Download 2020 Certificate Here

6.8L V10
Download 2012 Certificate Here
Download 2013 Certificate Here
Download 2014 Certificate Here
Download 2015 Certificate Here

Download 2016 Certificate Here
Download 2017 Certificate Here
Download 2018 Certificate Here
Download 2019 Certificate Here – Low NOx
Download 2019 Certificate Here – Ultra Low NOx

Dual Short Tanks (clean CA)
Number of tanks: 2
Location: Each tank mounted under the cab, beneath both the driver and passenger side doors
Gallon Capacity (usable): 54
Dimensions: 46”  (length)
23”  (width)
18.5”  (height)
Single Saddle Tank (Driver’s Side)
Gallon Capacity (usable): 50
Dimensions: 86”  (length)
22.3”  (width)
19.8”  (height)
Parts Included in the System
  • Stainless steel fuel lines
  • Fuel rail assembly
  • Fuel injectors
  • Fuel tank
  • Recalibrated PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
Other Information
Warranty: ROUSH CleanTech Warranty Manual

* = Check with your specific state regulations to determine requirements, or call 800.59.ROUSH