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Fueling Our Fleets for the Future

Fueling Our Fleets for the Future

Wisconsin Clean Cities

Go Riteway Transportation Group purchased 21 liquid propane gas (LPG) shuttle vans, 14 hybrid electric shuttle buses, and 1 LPG fueling station. The LPG shuttles were purchased through ROUSH CleanTech, while the hybrid buses were manufactured by Variable Torque Motors.

Go Riteway currently has 21 converted shuttles that run on propane, which makes up 40% of their airport shuttle fleet. The LPG station was installed in the summer of 2011 to fuel the LPG shuttles. According to Ronald Bast, president and owner of Go Riteway, “For a number of years, Go Riteway has been in tune with environmental concerns, especially those concerning the transportation industry.

In fact, Go Riteway plans to purchase more of the LPG shuttles this year.

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