It’s All About the Price Delta 

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Have you been considering alternative fuel vehicles for your fleet, but are now thinking twice with gasoline prices under $3.00 per gallon? Don’t let the sudden drop in prices fool you – there is still a large advantage to switching to domestic fuels like propane autogas. (Note: Autogas is the internationally recognized term for propane when used in on-road engines.)

It’s all about the price delta. Our recent research shows that with an average $1.80 fuel cost difference between propane and diesel, customers operating vehicles over a 12-year lifespan will see a payback in three years or less. Take a look at what some of our customers are saving with propane autogas.

Bend-La Pine Schools in Oregon has experienced a 57 percent reduction in fuel costs with their fleet of autogas powered school buses. They currently pay $1.31 per gallon for autogas versus $3.11 for diesel.The City of Santa Ana, California, reports an average of $1.50 per gallon for autogas throughout their local area. Chicago’s GO Airport Express is saving almost 50 percent on fuel costs since switching to autogas. And, the list goes on — all around the nation.

Although gasoline and diesel prices have fallen recently, propane prices will continue to cost less than conventional fuels because of the large scale production occurring across the nation. In fact, the Energy Information Administration predicts propane prices will be 24 percent lower than last year.

Add the bottom line savings to the emissions reduction and domestic fuel source benefits of autogas, and you can see why hundreds of private and public organizations have made the switch.

Interested to learn how much you could be saving? Use our Savings Calculator or the new Propane Education & Research Council’s calculator to compute your potential savings. Or call us at 800.59.ROUSH.

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Todd Mouw

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