Micro Bird Type A Gets Improvements

Do you have a customer interested in the Micro Bird Type A bus? ROUSH CleanTech has recently developed a new propane platform option for a single rear wheel chassis, meaning we now offer both dual and single rear wheel chassis on the Type A.

Peter Crossan, fleet and compliance manager with Boston Public Schools, completed a pilot inspection of the first propane-powered, E-350 SRW MB-II school bus. The pilot program’s success resulted in finalizing the complete order of 75 units. That’s in addition to the 247 Blue Bird Vision propane buses the district already operates. The new buses will be delivered in June for the start of next school year.

One of the major benefits of running both Type A and Type C buses on propane is that your customers have the same powertrain across both platforms. They have very similar, and in many cases, identical maintenance components. Service and training run very much parallel as well. This helps to streamline the fleet for the fleet director, technicians and drivers. ROUSH propane is the only alternative fuel where this is possible! Use this to leverage your sales efforts.