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The Power of Public & Private Partnerships

By November 12, 2013May 13th, 2014Blog

The Power of Public & Private Partnerships

Dear Partners of ROUSH CleanTech,

Last week, many Americans across the country headed to the polls. It may not have been the presidential election, but still important. Each citizen cast their vote to make an impact for something they believe in.

For Mike Hogan, president of Knight’s Airport Limousine Service, he fought for something he believed in, and his one voice helped change Massachusetts’ state regulation.

As the price of gasoline continued to rise, Mike considered alternatives — and discovered propane autogas. But he quickly encountered antiquated 1930s regulations prohibiting propane powered vehicles from traveling in state-owned tunnels. His transportation company travels daily through these tunnels to Logan Airport.

Mike reached out to Senator Michael O. Moore. He called his local Energy Department’s Clean Cities Coalition. He researched what had changed in propane autogas technology. And he convinced the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to change the law.

The opportunity to explore affordable, American-made propane autogas for area fleets was made possible because of Mike’s persistence and his collaboration with government officials.

Knight’s Airport Limousine is now spending well under $1.75 per gallon— without government subsidy — to fuel the company’s autogas powered vehicles. The cash put back in the company’s pocket allows Mike to reinvest in Knight’s Limo by hiring more employees, further enhancing the customer experience and promoting the ‘green’ message in Massachusetts.  

Are there any local regulations you’d like to change that keep your company from converting to propane autogas? If so, we can supply you with the economic, environmental and safety facts about propane autogas. Give us a call today at 800.59.ROUSH.

It only takes one person to push for change. You can make it happen.


Todd Mouw