Propane GAS Act Supports Tax Credits for On-Road Fuel

June 1, 2011 — Senators and Congressmen from Alabama, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas stood up in support of propane autogas through the introduction of the 2011 Propane GAS Act (H.R. 2014/S. 1120) in the United States House and Senate. This legislation encourages the use of propane autogas in commercial fleet vehicles by extending provisions in current legislation for propane autogas fuel, propane autogas powered vehicles, and refueling infrastructure through 2016.

Considered a simple extension of existing law, the 2011 Propane GAS Act aims to extend provisions found in both the 2005 Energy and 2005 Highway Bills that established significant tax incentives for propane autogas. This legislation includes a 50-cent per gallon credit for propane sold for use in motor vehicles, a tax credit to consumers who purchase propane vehicles, and a tax credit amounting to 30 percent of the cost of a fueling station not to exceed $30,000 per station.