And the 2017 Winners of the Most New Customers and Highest Sales Volumes Are…

Each year during the Blue Bird Dealer Meeting, we recognize the dealers who were the top performers in alt fuel sales for the year. For fiscal year 2017, we awarded dealers who sold the most propane, gasoline and CNG school buses, and those who brought in the most new customers. And, now, the winners are …

For the propane category, the winners are:

  • New Customers: School Bus Sales with 24 new customers. The School Bus Sales team has been promoting propane almost exclusively. They have found great success through demo buses and tours at ROUSH CleanTech. They tout a 100% close rate for customers they bring through the ROUSH CleanTech factory.
  • Total Units: Yancey Bus Sales with 232 buses sold. The Blue Bird dealer of the year really shone in propane sales in 2017. With some great new propane customers like Fulton County and Paulding, Yancey really stepped up their game (and deployment numbers) to win this category.

For the gasoline category, the winners are:

  • New Customers: New York Bus Sales with 33 new customers.
  • Total Units: Rush Bus Centers with 121 buses sold.

For the CNG category, the awards go to:

  • New Customers: A-Z Bus Sales with two new customers.
  • Total Units: Florida Transportation Systems with 30 buses sold.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 winners!