ROUSH CleanTech Drives Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Southern California

May 14, 2012 — One of ROUSH CleanTech’s customers, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, plans to announce the deployment of eight propane autogas vehicles in Los Angeles and eight in San Diego and their goal to operate 10 percent of its fleet on propane autogas by 2015.

In addition to private fleets, public fleets are fueling with propane autogas in California, which has the strictest emissions regulations in the nation. The Cities of Santa Monica, Riverside and Cypress are just a few municipalities that operate ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas vehicles. Students in many Southern California school districts, including Los Angeles Unified School District, ride school buses fueled with propane autogas. In fact, there are more than 400 school buses fueled by propane autogas in Southern California.