Capital Costs Savings (Costs)
Base Ford Vehicle Purchase Price
ROUSH CleanTech Propane Conversion
State or Federal Incentive (if applicable)
Total Capital Savings (or Investment)
Operating Costs Savings (Costs)
Total Vehicle Life (miles)
Averge Miles Per Gallon*
Gallons of Fuel Over Lifetime
Fuel Price (per gallon)**
Fuel Tax Credit / Gallon
Adjusted Fuel Price / Gallon
Total Fuel Savings (or Costs)
Miscellaneous Costs Savings (Costs)
Maintenance Rate (per mile)***
Maintenance Costs
Fuel Loss from Pilferage / Theft
Total Misc. Savings (or Costs)
Gross Vehicle Lifetime Savings (Loss)
Net Vehicle Lifetime Savings (Loss)
How many years will the vehicle be used?

Number of years to break even:

Gaseous fuels prep package from Ford = $315.
Propane Conversion price is listed at MSRP. Volume discounts are available.
Gasoline price captured and averaged from,, and
* MPG ratings for gasoline and propane vehicles are estimates. Variations in MPG should be expected when operating a vehicle that is towing, hauling, or being driven in various city / hwy applications.
** Propane fuel price is an estimate based on your fleet size, not a quoted price, and is subject to change.
*** A 50% reduction in maintenance costs by running a vehicle on propane, compared to gasoline. A factor the Texas Railroad Commission uses in their calculations when considering an alternative fuel conversion.