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Saving in Our Schools

By February 26, 2010March 11th, 2016Blog, Fuel for Thought

Saving in our Schools

I recently had a chance to give the keynote speech at the 64th Annual Wisconsin School Bus Association Convention.

As I spent time with those that have the very serious responsibility of transporting schoolchildren, the common theme was tightening funding sources. 

I outlined the recent results from Mesa Public Schools, which has incorporated propane autogas school buses in their fleet. With propane autogas, Mesa is saving 32 cents per mile compared to their buses fueled by diesel. Simple math tells me that at a travel rate of 15,000 miles per year, they are saving about $6,000 per bus per year in fuel expenses alone. Factor in lower maintenance costs due to clean-burning properties of this alternative fuel, and their savings is even greater.

It got me thinking. Savings do not just happen through cuts in teacher salaries and extracurricular activities. If we work together and use best practices, we can find cost-saving opportunities all around us. Just ask Mesa Public Schools, Hall County Schools, Portland Public Schools or the dozens of other school districts fueling with propane autogas.

Here’s your fuel for thought: In the era of tightening government and corporate budgets, we often forget that if our schools are cut without resources to offset expenses, our children’s education will suffer. What other ways can we help our schools save money without impacting our children’s learning experience?