Thanksgiving, Football and Leadership

As we approach Thanksgiving, many of us will gather around the table — and the TV — to enjoy traditions of family and football.

Football, like many sports, is simply the end product of collective teamwork and leadership.

Teamwork and leadership happens throughout every aspect of life. It happens here at ROUSH CleanTech every day in every department. It happens in our homes, churches and communities.

It’s all about setting goals and working together to achieve them. Teamwork and leadership go hand-in-hand to create a common starting point and desired ending point.

At ROUSH CleanTech, our goal is to produce the best possible product for the best possible price so that we can do our part to help America achieve its quest for energy independence. Like a football team, ROUSH CleanTech employees work together to bring home a “win” in the sustainable energy solution column.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for our great team here at ROUSH CleanTech as they work to change the world we live in, one propane autogas vehicle at a time.

And, of course, for football.