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Propane Fuel Finds its Place on America’s Backroads

Propane, once considered a low value by-product of U.S. oil and natural gas production, is finding its niche as a transport fuel in rural America where other gasoline alternatives struggle to gain a foothold. The propane being pumped into trucks and buses that ply America’s backroads is generally cheap, abundant and requires a simple infrastructure to deliver… (Reuters)

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ROUSH Propane F-59 for FedEx Contractor

ROUSH CleanTech unveiled the first propane autogas vehicle for FedEx Ground at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis. The Ford F-59 strip chassis truck will be operated by contractor Chases Delivery on a high mileage route in Buffalo, N.Y. CEO Jon Chase estimates that this Lancaster-based outfit will save more than $25,000 over the lifetime of the truck, Roush says – a less than three years return on investment… (Fleets & Fuels)

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Is Propane a Dirty Fuel?

I recently heard someone claim that propane is as dirty as gasoline or diesel.The chemical composition of a propane molecule is C­­­­3H8 (three parts carbon to eight parts hydrogen). Gasoline’s makeup is approximately C8H18. Simple math tells us that even with a 20 percent correction factor for BTU content, propane is far cleaner from a carbon standpoint.

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Chase Delivery Sees Returns on Energy-Efficient Truck

At a national trade show, a Cheektowaga delivery company is displaying its propane powered FedEx delivery truck, the first such vehicle that’s contractor owned in the U.S. The truck, owned by Jon Chase, CEO of Chase Delivery, was unveiled Thursday by ROUSH CleanTech at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis… (Business First)

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More Than a Rolling Bread Tray

The baking process isn’t over until the product hits store shelves – and ultimately consumers’ tables. The responsibility of ensuring this happens lies mostly with logistics, and how bakeries manage their fleets can often make the difference in profitability… (Baking & Snack)

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Complementary Training

As alternative-fuel yellow buses enter the maintenance yard, school bus technicians require training to service these vehicles. While school bus OEMs offer valuable alt-fuel training maintenance practices, safety measures and other fundamentals of the system they offer, other sources offer training that delve further into the heart of alt-fuel system and address common, every day maintenance scenarios… (School Transportation News)

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2013 Sustainability Award: Knight’s Airport Service

This year’s Sustainability Award goes to Knight’s Airport Limousine for the environmental work they’ve done in 2013. Working closely with ROUSH CleanTech, the Propane Education and Research Council, New England Propane Association, and Massachusetts Senator Michael O. Moore, the company was instrumental in fighting for state regulations allowing propane to pass through the Massachusetts tunnels… (Limo Digest)

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Propane Autogas Goes Mainstream

When ROUSH CleanTech began manufacturing propane autogas fuel systems, this fuel was only spoken of as an “alternative” to gasoline and diesel. But, the conversation has shifted.

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ROUSH CleanTech Unveils First FedEx Ground Fleet Vehicle Fueled by Propane Autogas

March 6, 2014 — At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, ROUSH CleanTech unveiled the first propane autogas fueled Ford F-59 to serve FedEx Ground’s high mileage route in Buffalo. The owner of the vehicle, Jon Chase, CEO of Chase Delivery in Lancaster, N.Y., estimates his company will save more than $25,000 over the lifetime of the alternatively fueled delivery truck.

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