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ROUSH CleanTech Factory Technician Workshop

ROUSH CleanTech Factory Technician Workshop

Our commitment to Customer Success means providing our customers’ service technicians training on how to maintain their propane fuel systems. In 2016, we held 79 training sessions, taught at 226 locations and instructed 745 technicians about propane autogas fuel system technology. We want to exceed those numbers this year, and we’re starting off strong.

DSC_0114Our first 2017 ROUSH CleanTech Factory Technician Workshop was earlier this month, hosted at ROUSH CleanTech’s headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. This advanced technician course covered technical, service and diagnostics aspects of the propane-powered Blue Bird Vision school bus. Because the Vision is equipped with a Ford 6.8L V10 engine, we also hosted representatives from Ford, who covered Ford IDS functionality. This hands-on training class is designed specifically for dealer and technicians.

DSC_0134The ROUSH CleanTech Factory Technician Workshop was so successful, and we had so many interested folks ask about future dates, that we’ve decided to host three more sessions at ROUSH CleanTech later this year. Here is a list of our upcoming workshops:

  • May 16 – 17 [Register here]
  • July 20 – 21
  • September 19 – 20

As always, we continue to offer and strengthen our online training. Our interactive web-based training courses and certification use comprehensive service information in an easy-to-follow course.

The web-based training has two tracts: one for service technicians and one for service managers. The service technician training includes propane usage as an on-road fuel (autogas), a fuel system overview, system diagnostics and a basic warranty review. The course for service managers has the same syllabus, but with a more detailed warranty process section.

The online service section includes downloadable, up-to-date service and diagnostic manuals and warranty information. You’ll also find technical videos on fueling, engine start, driver training and more, along with technical phone support contact numbers.

Whichever method you prefer, please know that our training programs are here to help you and your customers succeed.