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Ford E-450 Completes Propane Testing

Ford E-450 Completes Propane Testing

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ROUSH CleanTech announced it has completed Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Model Bus Testing Program, also known as Altoona Testing, on a Ford E-450 vehicle fueled by propane autogas. The completion of the testing program opens the door for municipalities to deploy E-450 vehicles operating on propane autogas with the help of FTA funding to offset some of the conversion costs.

“Altoona Testing of the propane autogas Ford E-450 will allow all agencies to apply for FTA funding to assist with conversion costs of that vehicle,” said Lynn McLean, director of maintenance for Flint Mass Transit Authority (MTA), which operates two ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas buses and plans to add 60 more vehicles to its fleet by 2013.

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