Hire for Potential, Not Position

We run our businesses.

Well, not really.

As executives in the fleet industry, we set the direction of our businesses and our teams run the business.

There’s a problem, though. Finding the right team members with the exact “good and right” experience is not easy. How many times have you thought, “Business is good, but I can’t hire enough qualified talent to keep up with what’s really needed”?

In this economy, it holds true almost everywhere.

Here’s your fuel for thought: Hire for potential, not position.

Gears must shift with the road conditions; the same holds true in the hunt for the best team to run your business. If you haven’t already, adjust your search criteria and seek teammates with exceptional “learning agility,” not perfect experience qualifications. After all, a good organization will attract better talent when it’s focused on providing vision in form of career path(s) for its team.

At ROUSH CleanTech, we’ve experienced great success in a tough labor market because we did just that.

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