Key Talking Points to Make .02 NOx Clear

We’ve put together a document that provides facts about nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ROUSH CleanTech’s ultra-low .02 NOx certification on Ford’s 6.8 L V10 3V propane autogas engine. These talking points can be used in external and internal communications. Ultra Low NOx Talking Points 8.20.18

Here is a summary of the key talking points when it comes to .02 NOx:

NOx transportation emissions are regulated by our government. Over the years, the Environmental Protection Agency has set tougher emissions standards on NOx. Since 2010, the NOx engine standard has been 0.2 g/bhp-hr. In 2007, the NOx standard was 1.2 — or five times dirtier than today’s standard. In 1998, the NOx standard was 4.0 — or 20 times dirtier than today’s standard.

According to the EPA and other studies, NOx emissions can be harmful to our health and to the environment. NOx are regulated under federal air quality standards because they are known to be harmful to human health and to the environment.

ROUSH CleanTech vehicles substantially lower NOx. The Ford 6.8L V10 3V engine equipped with a ROUSH CleanTech fuel system is certified to .02 grams per brake horsepower-hour. This engine is 90 percent cleaner than the current EPA standard.

Propane autogas school buses offer a reliable, safe and cost-effective solution to reduce harmful emissions. One diesel school bus certified at the current standard produces more NOx than 10 Blue Bird Vision Propane buses at the .02 NOx level. One diesel bus manufactured before 2007 emits more NOx than 100 Blue Bird Vision Propane buses.

School districts and organizations can use funding to modernize their fleets. School, shuttle and transit buses and Class 4-7 medium-duty trucks equipped with our low NOx engines may qualify for this funding. Learn more at roushcleantech.com/volkswagen-settlement/.

For a PDF of the full talking points document, please download here.

If you have questions about this certification and what it means for you, please email Ryan Zic at Ryan.Zic@roush.com.