“We knew we needed a niche market because the lawn-care industry is so saturated. I started looking for a greener fuel to replace gasoline- and diesel-powered equipment.” — Jesse Triick, president, Pristine Green.

Landscapers Trim Costs, Promote Green

Charged with creating lush, green landscapes for customers, it’s only natural that lawn care and landscaping companies would gravitate to ROUSH CleanTech’s propane autogas advantage. Not only does propane trim fuel and maintenance costs, but it is a hard-hitting clean alternative to gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles and equipment that doesn’t concede to the rigors of hard labor.
Pristine GreenLandscapers have the luxury of doubling the benefits of this ‘green’ fuel by utilizing it in not only their service vehicles, but their lawn care equipment as well. More than a dozen companies offer propane alternatives for mowers and trimmers that complement the environmental elements landscapers strive to preserve.Pristine Green of Grand Rapids, Mich., chose clean-burning, domestically produced propane to fuel their business. Owners Jesse and Hilary Triick purchased a ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-350 fueled by propane autogas in April, 2010 as a reliable foundation for creating a complete lawn-care service geared toward carbon footprint reduction — while maintaining beauty in landscape. They expect to eliminate 15,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from their company’s carbon footprint each year.


  • Up to 20 percent less nitrogen oxide.
  • Up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide.
  • 17-24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fewer particulate emissions.
  • EPA- and CARB-certified.
  • No loss in engine performance.
  • Little to no additional weight to the vehicle.
  • Comparable driving range between fill-ups.
  • Original factory vehicle warranty maintained.
  • No additional scheduled services.
  • Lower fuel costs by up to 40 percent.
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs.


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Many customers have already adopted the ROUSH CleanTech liquid propane autogas fuel system into their fleet. Read about some of their experiences:

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