No matter what industry you’re in, ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel systems can make a significant impact in reducing your fleet’s operating costs and emissions.

Choose from one of the markets below to see how we can help reduce operating costs and emissions.


Landscaping companies set themselves apart from their competition by using emissions-reducing, reliable and safe propane as their fuel of choice.

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Many government fleets are exploring alternative fuel technologies in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by their service vehicles.

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Food & Beverage

Companies in the food and beverage industry find clean-burning propane autogas vehicles a smart environmental and economic choice for their delivery fleets.

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Contractors using propane autogas find their their customers satisfied with lower emissions, and their bottom line satisfied with lower fuel costs.

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Propane autogas provides exceptional energy for telecom service fleets looking for reliable, economical, and environmentally sustainable modes of transportation.

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Riding a school bus is the safest way to get kids to school. With propane autogas, it is also one of the cleanest and least expensive! Find out why schools across the country have made the switch.

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Propane Marketers & Distributors

Propane providers fuel their delivery trucks with the same environmentally friendly propane they distribute across the country for motor fuel, home heating, barbeque grills, and more.

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Airport Shuttles

As airports create tougher emission and air quality standards for ground transportation vehicles, propane autogas proves to be a reliable choice.

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Ground Transportation

Business entrepreneurs, volunteers, students, and families are all in need of ground transportation service providers they can rely on to get them to their destinations — on time and at the right price.

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