Premier Ford F-550 Fueled by Propane Autogas Services Streets of Santa Ana

The City of Santa Ana has purchased seven vehicles fueled by propane autogas as part of its ongoing green initiatives effort to enhance its commitment to conservation and the environment. The new ROUSH CleanTech Ford F-550 trucks, customized for residential maintenance purposes, will reduce carbon emissions, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and decrease reliance on imported oil.

Equipped with 52-usable-gallon propane autogas fuel systems, each Ford F-550 truck will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 55,000 pounds over its lifetime. Compared to conventional diesel counterparts, these propane autogas vehicles also minimize smog-producing hydrocarbons, virtually eliminate particulate matter, and lessen noise levels by about 50 percent.

The City of Santa Ana is serious about providing its citizens with clean air by embracing alternative energy and conserving natural resources,” said Rick D. Longobart, the City’s facilities, fleet and central stores manager. “The fact that we anticipate dramatic fuel and maintenance cost savings is a bonus.”