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Take a peek under the hood at Roush

By June 7, 2023Blog

Take a peek under the hood at Roush

In April, I shared a little bit about what Roush does. Together, Roush and ROUSH CleanTech have been part of many success stories, and our team of 5,000 is proud of those accomplishments. But what we’re most proud of is being part of a uniquely innovative and collaborative family. Jack Roush’s entrepreneurial vision, determination and never-quit philosophy remains at the core of our organization, and that sense of excitement is palpable when you step on-site.

That’s why I hope each of you will come visit us at our new home. We now have over 1 million square feet of space and are better integrated with other Roush divisions. It would be my pleasure to host you at our Livonia, Michigan, headquarters to show you the advancements we’re working on, including our new-standard 0.02 g/bhp-hr propane autogas engine.

When you come for a site visit, you can experience the full extent of what we offer — our people, our products and our persistence. Last month, we hosted a handful of customer tours. Here’s what one of those tours looked like:

  • A tour of our manufacturing facility.
  • A propane fueling demonstration.
  • A visit to Jack Roush’s personal car collection.
  • We even got to see Susan Roush’s propane-powered drag car (and hear what it sounds like when started up)!

I love working alongside the best and brightest to do astonishingly cool things and make a lasting impact. As we like to say, Roush is a team sport — customers included! Please reach out to me directly at to set up a time to visit us and experience the Roush difference for yourself.

Here’s what I’m reading this month:

Chelsea Uphaus

Director of Marketing

ROUSH CleanTech