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The Future of Diesel in Medium-Duty Trucks and School Buses

The Future of Diesel in Medium-Duty Trucks and School Buses

The diesel engine has been the backbone of the medium-duty truck and school bus markets for many decades. However, recent federal legislation coupled with a multi-state coalition that pledged zero emissions by 2050 could be the final straw that breaks diesel’s back in these vocational applications.

With the approval of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the impending Build Back Better Act, it’s likely that the investment in diesel in this vehicle segment has plateaued as more and more near-zero emission technologies are developed and deployed on U.S. roads — stimulated by billions of dollars in funding. 

Diesel vehicles are constantly becoming more expensive to maintain due to diesel emissions fluids, particulate trap systems, EGR systems, turbochargers and intercoolers. Those costs will only continue to climb as diesel adheres to tighter and tighter emissions and warranty standards. And, as we’ve witnessed this past year at the pumps, diesel fuel costs are volatile, taking a business from profitable to struggling with each pricey refill.

What options do you have? There are already validated and “shovel ready” solutions, such as propane and battery electric, that provide the trifecta of benefits to reduce your emissions, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your maintenance costs. All attributes that diesel does not have.

How long do you think it will take for diesel to become the minority?

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