Zero-Emission Battery Electric Vehicle

ROUSH battery electric vehicle

An Incomparable Set of Features

Utilizes Existing Level 2 Charging

335 HP
1844 lb-ft of Torque

Full Battery Vehicle

100 Miles of Range

14,500 lbs Payload
(Class 6)

You can count on ROUSH CleanTech battery electric vehicles.

  • Since 2010, ROUSH CleanTech has deployed more than 37,000 advanced clean fuel vehicles. We bring that expertise and customer success to the electric vehicle market.
  • Packed with power and performance, our zero-emission, our all-electric vehicle is backed by decades of electric powertrain engineering expertise and mobility solutions experience from our parent company, Roush Enterprises.
  • All of ROUSH CleanTech’s advanced clean transportation solutions reduce costs for our customers and foster healthier communities in the areas where they operate.
  • As the manufacturer of record, ROUSH CleanTech manufactures or integrates all of the subsystems on the vehicle, providing optimal payload and range for customers.
  • The all-electric Ford F-650 is suitable for a wide range of industry applications, including delivery trucks, urban maintenance vehicles and aviation ground support.
  • ROUSH CleanTech continues to innovate in the advanced clean transportation sector to deliver solutions for a more sustainable future.

Our experience with battery electric vehicles ranges from entire vehicle design, development and production build capabilities:

BEV Timeline

Key Specifications & Dimensions
Make / Model: Ford F-650
Cab Configuration: Regular Cab
GVWR: 26,000 lbs.
Wheelbases: 242″ / 260″ / 281″
Maximum Speed: 65 mph **
Range: 100 miles **
Horsepower: Peak – 250 kW (335 HP) Continuous – 150 kW (201 HP)
Torque: Peak – 2500 Nm (1844 lb-ft) Continuous – 1230 Nm (907 lb-ft)
Gradeability: Up to 17% at maximum payload
**May vary based on GVWR, applications, driver habits and duty cycles.

ROUSH CleanTech will offer three different wheelbase options to fit various applications, across many vocations.  With body lengths ranging from 20’ to 26’ in length and maximum payloads up to 14,500lbs, this Class 6, 100* mile range, battery electric vehicle can serve as a practical replacement for organizations wanting to deploy early and proven technologies designed and developed to prevent disruption of existing delivery and/or operating methods.

Wheelbase Options
Wheelbase CA Curb Weight Available Payload Body Length
20′ 22′ 24′ 26′
242″ 168″ 11,492 lbs 14,508 lbs check check
260″ 186″ 11,627 lbs 14,373 lbs check check
281″ 207″ 13,428 lbs 12,572 lbs check

Our System at a Glance

  • Premium heavy-duty battery pack designed to be maintenance free and resistant to thermal runaway.
  • Advanced battery technology system powers the electric drive motor.
  • Fully integrated high-voltage cabin heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Level 2 charging for simplicity and reliability.
  • Regenerative energy management to maximize range.
  • California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliant.
  • System designed to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Specifications (FMVSS) requirements.
Our System
Voltage 400 V
Chemistry Lithium Ion (NMC)
Energy 138kWh
Modular Battery Design 2 battery packs
Motor Type 6-phase synchronous permanent magnet
Transmission Direct Drive


The ROUSH CleanTech BEV high voltage battery system consists of two (2) premium, heavy duty, maintenance free battery packs, Lithium Ion NMC, resistant to thermal runaway, rated at 138 kWh. The battery packs are located in between the rails, underneath the cab and just behind the cab, respectively. Back of cab components do not exceed top of frame rails to provide versatility and minimal impact to end users, and body companies and upfitters.

The vehicle is also equipped with a DC to DC converter to step down the system voltage for powering the low voltage vehicle systems and recharge the on-board low voltage, lead acid, batteries.

Charging & Infrastructure

The ROUSH CleanTech BEV conforms to the most recent SAE J1772 standards, supporting several single-phase AC inputs (120/208/240 VAC) for recharging the high voltage batteries utilizing Level 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Level 2 EVSE is proven, available, less expensive and easy to integrate and scale.

Final State of Charge (SOC)
Beginning SOC to 80% to 100% charger image
10% 6.1 hours 9.8 hours
20% 5.3 hours 9.0 hours
30% 4.4 hours 8.1 hours
40% 3.4 hours 7.1 hours
50% 2.3 hours 6.0 hours
Charge rates are based on Clipper Creek CS-100 19.2kW (Level 2). Additional charging increments available upon request.


  • California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliant.
  • Meets all Department of Transportation regulations.
  • Complies with all applicable vehicle Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Specifications (FMVSS).
  • Follows strict ISO 26262 functional safety standards for electrical systems that regulate system product development, hardware and software.

How to Order

Chassis can be purchased directly from your preferred Ford Dealer or through an existing Sourcewell contract.

To learn more about ordering options, please contact Chelsea Uphaus by email or by phone at 734-466-6710.